Sub Projects

TIV-MILIEU (Disaster Research Unit)

For the partial project “Transdisciplinary Integrative Vulnerability and Resilience Evaluation and volunteer commitment on the level of milieu”, the DRU has created an integrative and transdisciplinary framework to evaluate the vulnerabilities and needs, as well as capacities to overcome and adapt, of a population in the face of extreme events. The framework can be used to concretely foster volunteer commitment for disaster mitigation. For the application, concrete, milieu-specific causes and effects in different social spaces are at the center of the investigations. The conclusions thereby yielded are used to develop, evaluate and improve the strategies and education possibilities for end users of disaster management. Further information

Indian Case Studies

Care Services of the Future (German Red Cross)

The German Red Cross is an important actor of civil protection in every federal state. Care services are of special importance in this context, guaranteeing the continued care of those affected by disasters – mostly on the basis of volunteer work. Disaster management in Germany, however, faces serious challenges: Extreme events are becoming more common, resulting in more heterogeneous needs for assistance in such situations. At the same time, the structures and expectations of volunteers are changing as well. It is the aim of the German Red Cross to analyze these challenges with the help of the INVOLVE project partners and to develop strategies to overcome these challenges, in order to make disaster management fit for the future.

Helper Motivation (FinkA)

It is necessary to motivate new target groups for volunteer commitment both in India and in Germany. For this project, therefore, the sources and cultures of volunteer commitment are investigated. FinkA does so by examining the individual attitudes and expectations towards the institutions within and through which volunteer work occurs, as well as towards the societal and political structures that these institutions navigate. Based on this analysis, effective and culturally specific forms of education and training are developed for new target groups for potential volunteers. Further information

Indian Case Studies